Creative Content Crafter and Social Media Storyteller

UpholsteryGuyAndre, a distinctive voice at ProfileLinker.com, brings an artisan’s touch to social media management. Known for his unique blend of creativity and practical expertise in digital storytelling, Andre offers a fresh perspective on engaging audiences through compelling content.

Background: Andre’s journey in the world of digital marketing began with a background in design and craftsmanship, specifically in upholstery. His transition into the digital realm was fueled by a desire to merge his artistic skills with the dynamic world of social media marketing.

Experience: Andre has a knack for understanding the aesthetic and narrative elements that resonate with online audiences. He has worked with a variety of businesses, from home decor brands to lifestyle retailers, helping them craft visually appealing and narratively engaging social media content.


  • Spearheaded a social media campaign for a home decor brand that resulted in a 60% increase in online customer engagement.
  • Collaborated with influencers and creators in the design space, enhancing brand visibility and appeal.
  • Regularly conducts workshops on leveraging social media for creative industries, sharing his unique insights and strategies.

Philosophy: UpholsteryGuyAndre believes in the power of storytelling and visual appeal in social media. He advocates for using social platforms not just as marketing tools, but as spaces to inspire, educate, and connect with audiences on a more personal and aesthetic level.

At ProfileLinker.com: As a contributor, Andre shares his expertise through engaging articles, how-to guides, and inspirational posts that combine his love for design with effective social media strategies. His content is tailored to help creative professionals and businesses harness the power of social media to showcase their work and engage with their audience.

Personal Interests: Beyond the digital world, Andre continues his work in upholstery and interior design, constantly exploring new trends and techniques. This hands-on experience in design enriches his approach to social media, bringing authenticity and creative depth to his online presence.

Connect with UpholsteryGuyAndre: Andre encourages readers to interact with him on ProfileLinker.com and through social media, where he shares insights into both the world of digital marketing and creative design.